We, at Nadler & Co., love innovations and entrepreneurship and share the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the Israeli tech ecosystem.​

We represent domestic and foreign private equity funds, venture capital funds and other investors, angel investors and corporate investors in tech-related investment transactions in Israel.

We also represent entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging companies in every phase of growth and development, from inception to maturity, an idea to IPO and through all stages of development. We are familiar with the challenges and opportunities encountered by start-up businesses and work closely with seed and early-stage companies and startups and help them achieve rapid growth. 

Our experience on both sides of the table allows us to understand the interests and needs of clients’ needs, enabling us to achieve our clients’ goals in an efficient and practical manner.

We experience in advising all aspects of governmental incentives, including innovation incentives e.g. the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), in matters concerning IIA funding and IIA funded know-how.

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